Worship Times:


9:30 am, Bible Study/Sunday School

10:45 am, Worship


5:30 pm, Potluck Fellowship Meal

6:00 pm, Bible Study (all ages)

Holy Week 2017:

6:15 pm, Ash Wednesday, March 1

10:45 am, Palm Sunday, April 9

7:00 pm, Maundy Thursday, April 13

7:00 pm, Good Friday, April 14

10:45 am, Easter Sunday, April 16


Worship at Buechel Park

The life of the believer, when permeated by God’s love and acceptance, is moved to worship. The experience of salvation calls forth the expression of that experience in thanks, praise and joy. Moved by the extravagance of God’s love, the heart that is full of delight and wonder expresses itself in an outpouring of praise. Worship, then, is our vocation and the glad response of our lives set free.

The hymns we sing, the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord by which we pray and are baptized, and how we are dismissed into the world, all reflect our life with God.

Worship in the Buechel Park faith community reflects the diversity of our fellowship and the richness of our heritage. Worship is made all the more meaningful when all the senses are engaged. So then, worshipping in this community of faith you may find along the way the invitation of sight and sound, touch, tactile and taste as means by which you may sense and deepen the transforming way of God.

The Church Year: We observe the Church Year, a meaningful rhythm designed to guide the faith community in the full range of proclamation and study of Scripture. Throughout the church year, we celebrate the mystery and power of our faith: the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; that moves us to listen for and to God’s call: to be the church and to be on mission.

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World Communion Sunday

On Sunday, October 2, 2011, Buechel Park celebrating World Communion Sunday remembering our Christian brothers and sisters around the globe.  Breads baked by different church members from recipes representative of different countries in which CBF missionaries live and serve offered a wonderful image-like grains scattered across the field brought together to make one loaf, so are we scattered around the world but join together at one common table.  Music from Native American Church, Zulu, and Brazilian recordings along with a the choir's Swahili exclamation "asante sana, yesu" or "thank you, Jesus!" reminded us of our world neighbors.  The children's offering of loaves and fish along with our Moroccan tea set from our brothers and sisters in Oujda adorned our communion table.  The picture to the left shows the fruits of a large family meal shared together in an act of worship and remembrance.

Recipes used for our communion bread: