Oujda, Morocco

We have a partnership with a sister church in Oujda, Morocco through EEAM (Eglise Evangelique au Maroc) church.  The EEAM is made up of legally recognized Protestant churches in the Muslim nation of Morocco.  We sponsor a pastoral intern who works with the church in Oujda.  We communicate and foster our relationship through letters, email, CD's, Facebook, gifts, and visits.

In the Fall of 2010 students from many churches in Morocco collaborated with singers from churches all over Kentucky in the Voices United tour.  This group came to BPBC and blessed us with their music.  One of the students from Morocco attends our sister church in Oujda.  She brought us a tea set (a sign of hospitality in Morocco) and kind words.

Oujda & BPBC Partnership on Facebook! 

We now have a closed group on Facebook where we can dialogue, share ideas, and form a community with our partner church in Oujda. This group now has over 100 members; almost the entire Oujda church is online.  If you would like to join, please email Valarie Shoulta at or Carrie Bearden.

We have taken a couple of trips to Oujda as well, sharing with them a communion set (chalice and plate) and a scrapbook of letters.  We enjoyed spending time with our new friends and they welcomed us with open arms.

For more information about partnerships with Morocco, visit KBF's website.

A greeting from our brothers and sisters in Morocco:



Letter from Anthony:

From our sister church in Oujda, Morocco, following Buechel Park's gift for the purchase of instruments for worship:

We greet you all in the invincible name of Jesus.  We believe by the grace of God everything is going on well with you, and most especially our sister Church in Louisville, Kentucky!  This is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in Him!

We are so much excited to inform you all that, we have made purchases of "a set of instruments" after a long deliberation of what we really our topmost priority and preference for  the moment with respect to the financial position of the Parish of Oujda.  With the grandiose donation of 16,801.20 dirhams made by our sister church (Louisville, Kentucky), we were able to purchase the following: Yamaha piano, large speaker, amp/sound mixer, musical cable.

The total cost of all the purchases made stands at 16,000 dirhams leaving a remaining balance of 801.20 dirhams for future projects.

On behalf of our dear Pastor Jurauve and the whole parish of Oujda, we want to communicate a big thank you to you and ALL of our friends at Louisville, Kentucky!


Greetings from Buechel Park!

This video sends greetings and a glimpse of our life together at Buechel Park.  Based on the hymn, They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love.  

We Are One in the Spirit... from Buechel Park on Vimeo.